Permanent Make-Up

Wake up with make-up!   Cosmetic tattooing is as old as Cleopatra.

Discover the convenience of  brow, eyeliner, and lip enhancement. 

Permanent make-up is an investment in your appearance (and can reduce your monthly make-up purchases)!  It is a great option if you have allergies or sensitivity to make-up, trouble applying make-up, need to re-apply your make-up daily due to activity, or you don’t have time to apply daily make-up.

  • Enhance sparse eyebrows and create perfectly shaped brows to help frame your face.
  • Lash enhancement and eyeliner will add definition to your eyes.
  • Lip liner and lip shading will enhance your lip definition and shape.

A patch test and consultation is required prior to your procedure.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more.