My Summer Bag

I recently read an article in a popular beauty magazine that featured “what J Lo keeps in her bag for summer trips”.  Just a few good things, of course, since we all know she is a natural beauty and needs so little extra help.  There were three or four items such as sunscreen, lip gloss, perfume and so on.   A simple “must have list”.   As for myself, my must have list is much less simple.  As a woman somewhat older than our beautiful diva, maintenance is a bit more complex.  In this piece I will reveal what is in my summer travel bag .

Sunscreen, of course,  both in a facial creme and in my mineral makeup.  As a makeup wearer, even in the summer, I adore the light easy feel of Colorescience’s powder brush face colors as well as the great light coverage of the Sunforgettable line.  The fact that one can reapply Sunforgettable as needed makes it the best for the sun.  And it now comes in SPF 50 as well as the original SPF 30.  And for the last plug of one of my products, Weightless Protection SPF 45 is my summer sunscreen.  All of these can be purchased online at the Dermstore or from my studio.  My most favorite refreshing spritzer is from a small company in Vermont called Green Seed Herbals.  The lovely Heather, master aroma therapist, makes a delicious selection of facial toner that you can spritz on to cool off or to set your minerals.  My favorite is the lavender.  I also always travel with her Rejuvenating Eye and Facial Gel.  Great for cooling off a sunburn or just as a serum under your nighttime moisturizer.  Check out her website.  Very reasonably priced as well.

I always travel with a little coconut oil. My favorite brand is Barleans.  I put a little in a travel jar.  It is the best rough skin smoother, eye creme, hair treatment and personal lubricant out there.

I find lemon, lavender and coconut to be my favorite scents of summer, awakening, cooling, and soothing.  Also, any of the coconutty sunscreen sprays make a great skin glosser for summer evenings.

I have rosacea so I really have to be extra careful of too much sun exposure.  But I do love a nice bronze color in the summer.  Au Courant makes the best facial tanning gel I have yet tried. Subtle and not at all orange.  For a quick travel tan, I love L’Oreal Sublime tan towels.  Just be careful applying on the legs.  They can get a little streaky.  Cremes are always better and I still prefer Toni Bratten’s Tan Secrets available online or HSN.  For a special event, a professional airbrush tan is always the best, but for every day, I prefer to put it on myself a few times a week.

There is more, to be sure, but these are the essentials.  I save small travel size jars and bottles and keep them ready and filled in hopes of a beautiful summer!  Enjoy yours!   Love, Lydia

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