Midsummer Alert

I am begging you all, men included, to take your sunscreen seriously. What I always tell my sunscreenaphobic husband is that someday he is going to have to take a chunk out of that handsome face and he will hear my words too late. Honestly, I have many elderly clients experiencing that now. If you have any degree of rosacea, as I do, UVA/UVB protection is essential to keep from aggravating that condition and further damaging your skin. As I have mentioned, PCA’s Weightless Protection SPF45 is a blessing. Light and smooth with no sunscreen odor, a high SPF and Zinc Oxide for protecting and soothing and cooling. Weightless was recently voted an “O” favorite.

A few months ago my daughter introduced me to YESto brand of cucumber facial towelettes. They smell and feel fresh and cooling with aloe and green tea extract. Great for rosacea sufferers, they remove make-up and nourish the skin. Good for cleansing on a lazy night, after working out or cleaning off after a day on the beach. They have travel size packs and can be found at Wal-mart, Target and most drugstores.

I’ll go into more rosacea help in future posts, but for now cleansing, cooling and protecting are the most essential things for all skin in the heat of the summer. Rosacea is tough and she thrives in the summer, but as I’ve found through the years, you have to be vigilant. I get very few real breakouts these days. I hate to say it, but limiting red wine, shellfish, and unfortunately, dark chocolate, can help a bit as well.

For some of us, summer sandals equal Swampy Feet. I have found Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X Foot and Sneaker Spray Powder with Tinactin to be the most effective and best smelling product so far. I also love all the Gold Bond powders for their superb refreshing and cooling properties.

Summer goes too fast. My mother says ” It’s over after Fourth of July.” I don’t think so at all but those words make me start missing it before its gone. Enjoy every last minute of it. It’s been a good one so far.

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