3 Best Winter Tips For Your Skin

Winter Skin TipsWinter skin has its challenges.  Skin becomes dry, rough, flakey, and cracked from the cold and wind, and this is on top of summer sun damage.  How can you combat winter’s assault on your skin?  The 3 best tips for the cold winter season are REPAIR, REPLENISH, and REHYDRATE.

This is the time to really be diligent about Pigment Control Products, Retinols, Vitamin C Serums, and Peptides. These ingredients repair and replenish your skin. If used in conjunction with a Dermal Roller (more about this in a later post), you can get more out of them by getting them deeper into the skin, where they can really activate skin repair.  

For Pigment Control, my favorite product is PCA Pigment Gel. I use the one with hydroquinone but they have one without if you are sensitive to that product. The best selection of Retinols that I have found are from Osmosis. They have 5 different formulas for different skin types and problems. Their retinaldehyde formulations make a huge difference without irritation. For Vitamin C again I love PCA C-Quench. PCA Total Strength serum is a great Peptide boost as well. Guess I’m a loyal PCA user. They are a great company that just keeps getting better!

Hydration is super important. Cheap tip: Grapeseed Oil. I’ve been using Aura Cacia @ $5.99 a 4oz. bottle. I love it. It is light weight, has no odor and has a very high Linoleic Acid content, which is great for your skin. I put it on after my pigment gel and retinol serums have sunken in. Other good ones are Castor Oil, Rosehip Oil, or Kiwi Seed Oil. I also love Rebalance by PCA and Quench by Osmosis. For body hydration, any organic Coconut Oil is wonderful on rough dry skin. My favorite is Barleans. I get mine at Fairway. It’s also great for cooking popcorn!

And do make sure you are getting a good quality Omega 3 supplement, like OMAX3.  The good Omega 3 fatty acids not only increase heart health but keep your skin looking younger and healthier by promoting cell membrane health.

So, repair, replenish, and rehydrate your skin this season and don’t forget to enjoy the snow, it’s so beautiful!

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