Travel Must Haves

Beach Bench

Taking a trip to the beach?

I’ll start by saying the best ideas I have always come from my clients. Another source I love is the magazine for women, First. It is not filled with trash and gossip, ( my husband gets the NY Post, so I get my fill of that) just a lot of health and beauty tips as well as some good recipes. The July 22, 2013 issue has a two page travel special, “Beauty on the Go” article. The four basic on the go must haves are peppermint oil, coconut oil, mineral balm and witch hazel. I’m sorry they left out sunscreen, but the reasons for the others are very good. I have long been a proponent of coconut oil for moisturizing ANYTHING. Now I hear it’s antibacterial as well due to the lauric acid in it. Anti-inflammatory as well. So you can also use it as an anti itch cream, acne treatment, and deodorant? They also suggested it as an anti frizz serum for hair. I am currently ending a Fourth of July weekend in VT. It has been very humid and I tried it. So far, it has been really good, not too heavy on my hair. Read the article!


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