Lydia’s Winter Updates

A long time since I updated. So sorry, life at the Beauty Nurse goes on post Hurricane, pre holidays.

For all of you who have loved ones undergoing chemotherapy, I am now an Oncology Certified Skincare Therapist. I am offering a complementary facial treatment to help those with the skin problems so often associated with chemo. Just call for an appointment. There will be some forms to have the oncologist fill out.

Also new, I now have a Dermatude meta therapy machine. This is a wonderful treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. You can read more about it by checking out the YouTube video. Very exciting!

In light of the upcoming cold and dry conditions our skin deals with in the winter, I thought I might share some tips to keep you from further irritating and drying out winter skin. These are from an article in June Allure magazine. Retinoids+Glycolic Acid= redness and dryness. Benzoyl peroxide+anything=irritation. Lighten up! Most of us need a richer moisturizer and a gentler cleanser in the cold weather. Serums after washing and before moisturizing are added insurance against dehydration.

I wish all my friends and clients a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Holiday.


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